Friday, September 17, 2010

Rogue River's Rainie Falls-A First Descent

The article from the provocative 1859 Magazine begins, "We showed up with boats and kayaks, one friend brought only a stand-up paddle board. On May 14th, seven of us departed from the bridge at Grave Creek for a three-day float trip down the Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue River. My friend Tyler and I each brought our 14-foot oar boats; Bryan brought his kayak and Jayson Bowerman surprised us by showing up with his stand up paddle board.

"A well-seasoned kayaker, Bowerman has done other first descents in his kayak. He started on the stand-up board about four years ago as a new way to experience the river and surf. He's been down Oregon's Lower Deschutes, the McKenzie and was thinking about trying his luck this spring on Washington's Wenatchee River. The impending class V waterfalls and ripping class IV sections on the Rogue, however, were massive undertakings that called for immediate attention.

"Anyone who knows Bowerman, knows that his ability to challenge himself is second only to his ability to conceal those feats. His relationship to dire risk brings a smile to his face when others muster only a grimace."

And so goes the fascinating article written by Jason Mitchell. The story is peppered with equally interesting photos of Bowerman's stand-up boarding adventures on the Rogue River. Just another fun way to experience the most incredible rafting, kayaking (and now stand-up boarding) in Oregon! Check out Bowerman's entire Rogue River adventure in 1859 Magazine by clicking here.

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  1. I love the Rogue River! It's one of my top 10 White Water Rivers of America.

    I've never tried Stand Up Boarding at all, but from the look of those pics it's a blast!

  2. Rogue River is my love!
    Stand Up Boarding is super!

  3. ahah looks dangerous but really fun!