Friday, September 3, 2010

Rogue River Walk

In 2007 a group of South Coast avid hikers decided to blaze a 6-plus-mile, user-friendly nature trail--calling it The Rogue River Walk--along the lower south bank of the Rogue River, near Gold Beach.

The original intent of the Rogue River Walk was recreational hiking. However, as construction proceeded, it was recognized that one particular segment consisted of riparian woodland: snags, deciduous trees, and thickets of low-growing shrubs--exceptional bird habitat. Songbirds and woodpeckers flourish here.

As a result, the 2-mile Jim Hunt Loop was created for birdwatchers. This is the most productive section, a hot spot on the trail for birders, designed so there is no need to retrace steps.

After 18 months of steady toil, the RRW is complete. Its length meanders under towering cedar, oak, and madrone while weaving between aged, inter-twined willow, elderberry and stands of giant horsetail. Hikers also pass through an aptly named "Mystic Myrtles" grove carpeted with sorrel and overgrown pioneer homesteads. Some interpretive markers are posted. Seasonal wildflowers abound.

If you are interested in a map with directions and completed details, you can pick up a copy at the Gold Beach Visitor Center.

Information on the Rogue River Walk was provided by the October 2010 edition of Oregon Coast magazine.

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