Friday, September 10, 2010

Amazing Birds: From Eggs to Adults in Weeks

This blog is an excerpt taken from a July 1, 2010, Medford Mail Tribune article written by Stewart Janes, a Southern Oregon University biology professor. You can read Janes' entire article by clicking here.

"Humor me for just a moment and consider the following scenario. A child is born on New Year's Day. Congratulations. Valentine's Day finds the boy topping 100 pounds.

So much for the stroller.

On April Fool's Day of the same year the child, now a strapping lad of 160 pounds, leaves home to start a life of his own. Three months from birth to adult size! Think about the food bill. And how do you keep a child like that in clothes? Ridiculous you say, but this is how it works in the bird world.
The growth rate of our hypothetical hero reflects the growth of the golden eagle. From hatching to full size takes about 12 weeks. When a young bird takes its first flight from the nest, it weighs as much as mom and dad.

The growth rate is even more impressive for smaller birds, such as horned larks and Wilson's warblers, which spend only nine to 11 days in the nest. That's egg to adult size in less than two weeks."

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