Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 Top Southern Oregon Family Hikes

Do you love to encourage your kids to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air, and interesting sites with you? Well then a hike might be the perfect outdoor family experience. Beautiful southern Oregon offers a wonderful array of hiking opportunities--from easy to difficult. Here are four family hiking trips that might just be the ticket for your next family outdoor adventure.

Big Tree Loop Trail:  3.3 miles  This trail is located near the Oregon Caves. Because most folks don't think of hiking when visiting the Oregon Caves area, it is a little used trail but extremely beautiful.

Grizzley Peak Trail:  4.8 miles  Offers and outstanding view of the Rogue Valley and the city of Ashland. Hiking the trial in early spring offers walkers an incredible wildflower show.

Rainie Falls Trail:  3.6 miles  Offers families a walk above the Rogue River. On hot days, families can relax in several calm pools of water along the way. At the end of the trail is Rainie Falls--where at certain times of the year you can spot salmon and steelhead jumping; trying to make their way up river.

Upper Table Rock Trail:  2.5 miles  This short, easy hike allows trekkers stunning views of the Rogue River Valley in three different directions. During the spring, hikers take in beautiful vistas of southern Oregon's wildflowers.

About the Author: Joy Henkle owns and operates White Water Warehouse (WWW) with her husband, Bob Meister. Ever-interested in making their Oregon Rogue River rafting, kayaking, and hiking trips part of a very special Oregon vacation experience for their guests, Joy writes this blog to educate and inform WWW guests and readers about southern Oregon’s fascinating people, places, foods, and festivals. Questions? Joy can be reached at 1-800-214-0579 or fun@whitewaterwarehouse.com Or visit Whitewater Warehouse's FaceBook page.

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