Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southern Oregon Spirits?!?

Thinking we might be a wee bit off our soon-to-be-Halloween rockers? Spirits in southern Oregon...and, organic spirits, no less! Well, it's no trick. Organic Nation Spirits doesn't brew witchy concoctions but this unique company does distill the finest organic gin & vodka! What a treat. Such quality products by local folks who are committed to producing unique, award-winning spirits.

How do they do it? Owners Diane Paulson (CEO of the company) and her husband David Eliasen's (V.P./Distiller) personalities reflect their products: clean, crisp and full of life. We stole a moment with Diane recently and she mentioned that not many folks know what a micro-distillery really is. "Although there is really no widely accepted definition of what constitutes 'craft,' 'artisan,' or 'boutique' spirits they are usually handmade in small batches, often from organic and/or sustainably grown ingredients. And in the case of our gin, it was a simple mistake.

"David was suppose to steep the botanicals (a mixture of 12 different plants including juniper berries and angelica root) for 12 hours but forgot and left it for 24 hours. So he mixed the 24-hour gin with the 12-hour gin and came up with the taste he was after." Paulson calls it a "coincidence of creativity."

The botanicals they use are special too. Supplied by a strictly organic grower and supplier, Pacific Botanicals of Grants Pass, they have focused on the best organic products and pure water (David's background was as a water expert). This focus on the "devil is in the details" (sorry, we couldn't resist the pun) means that their vodka and gin is in an elite class of spirits....one of very few organic spirits certified by Oregon Tilth.

We were so impressed by David & Diane's obsession with quality that we've asked to partner with them on an upcoming Rogue River rafting trip (you know by now that quality is also our obsession) in late summer of 2010. Look for more details in an upcoming blog....

In the mean time, check out what they call their mixology spotlight.

All photo images are copyrighted by Organic Nations Spirits.

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